This is a one shot performance – with no hidden bumps and bruises.

Live off-the-floor at Victory Social Club.
Toronto, Canada.
March 26th, 2015.

Written & performed by Matthew Stevens with performances by Eric Doob and Ben Williams.

Check out and purchase his new record ‘Woodwork’ on iTunes.

Produced by Finlay Braithwaite. Directed by Michael McDougall.

Created for Victory Social Club by:

Chris Berry, Alex Kurina, Andres Landau, Zach Zohr, Natasha Nicholson, Leandra Vermeulen, Lucas Prokaziuk, Ali Qadeer, Zach Cox, Josh Vermeulen, and Joao Carvalho.

Special Thanks to:

Eric West, Toby Darton, Casey & Tim Sebert @ PS, Anthony Montano, Greg Wilkie @ Solotech, Dave Azoulay, Rob Scrimgeour, Erin Booth, Dave Hayes, Ryan V. Hays, Justyna Braithwaite, Gooju, Phil Stevens, Charlotte McDougall, Kevin Konarzewski, Long & McQuade, and Ryerson University.

Victory Social Club

Whirlwind Recordings

Crystal Math Music Group

Matthew Stevens

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